20 March 2020




Scientists & doctors


Experts & researchers 2020 cancelled

The 2020 symposium, scheduled to take place on March 20th in Heeze, has been cancelled. This is due to measures related to the fight against the spread of the corona virus.

Unfortunately, this cancellation was inevitable. We trust on your sympathy.

We are currently investigating the possibility of rescheduling the symposium to another date. If we succeed in doing so, we will let you know and you can register again to participate.

For now, we will ensure the prompt reimbursement of your ticket.

We hope to welcome you another time in Kempenhaeghe.

Annual international clinical symposium

Theme ‘Connections’

In the past decades, the symposium has become a major international scientific event in the Low Countries. A distinguishing national and international faculty guarantees the high quality of presentations and content covering best clinical practice, results of the latest scientific research and illustrative cases.

The upcoming symposium focuses on the theme ‘Connections’ . Speakers shed their light on connections and causal links from different angles: between the disorders that our patients are dealing with, between science and care in practice, between care and education, between networks in the brain, between disciplines, and so on.






View the program here or download the program.


The congress organizers have applied for accreditation from the Dutch and Belgian neurological accreditation committees and from the societies of physicians for persons with intellectual disabilities (ABC1), pulmonologists, ENT-physicians, pediatricians, neurosurgeons, clinical neuropsychologists and nurse practitioners.

Faculty / Experts Kempenhaeghe

Brok, K. (Kim)

Speech therapist

Franco, Myriam

Residential counsellor

Hendriksen, dr. J.G.M. (Jos)

Behavioral scientist

Klinkenberg, dr. S. (Sylvia)

Child neurologist

Martens, B. (Bea)

Nurse practitioner

Pillen, dr. S. (Sigrid)

Child neurologist/ somnologist

Rhoer, van de, F. (Fenne)

Speech therapist

Snoeijen-Schouwenaars, dr. F.M. (Francesca)

Physician for persons with intellectual disabilities

Tan, I.Y. (Francis)

Specialist geriatric medicine

Vandenbussche, N.L.E. (Nele)

Pediatrician/ somnologist

Verhoeven, dr. J.S. (Judith)

Child neurologist

Vleer, K. (Kees)

General physician/ Somnologist

Vries, de, A (Arina)

Mental health psychologist

View the list of other experts.

Science committee

The program for is compiled under the direction and
responsibility of the science committee.

  • dr. Jos Hendriksen
  • dr. Sylvia Klinkenberg
  • Evelyne Karel
  • prof. dr. Marian Majoie
  • prof. dr. Robert van Oostenbrugge
  • prof. dr. Sebastiaan Overeem
  • Pieter Jan Simons
  • Francis Tan
  • prof. dr. Yasin Temel
  • Nele Vandenbussche
  • dr. Judith Verhoeven
  • Kees Vleer
  • Ingeborg Westerhof


  • 17 March 2020: Epilepsiewoonzorg – Cancelled

Additional symposium ‘Epilepsiewoonzorg’, organized by the Center for Residential Epilepsy Care (in Dutch language).




  • 18 March 2020: Berkenbrein – Cancelled

Additional symposium ‘Berkenbrein’, organized by De Berkenschutse, Center for Educational Expertise (in Dutch language).






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